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Business process outsourcing

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Why Companies Pick SMA

SMA Support Benefits

Partnering with SMA Support offers businesses streamlined operations, access to skilled professionals, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Our tailored solutions adapt to your needs, providing flexibility without overhead costs. With us, enhance efficiency, drive growth, and achieve your business objectives seamlessly.


Why Companies Pick SMA

Why Companies Pick And Stay With SMA

Our clients choose and remain with SMA due to tailored solutions, exceptional service, reliability, and consistent delivery.

We scale with your business

We adapt and expand in sync with your company's growth trajectory seamlessly.

Extremely process driven

Highly focused on structured procedures, ensuring efficiency and precision in every operation conducted.

125 trained team members

Our team comprises 125 skilled professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support.

Continual assurance training

Continuous training ensures ongoing excellence and adherence to high standards in our operations and services.

Follow the script every time

Adherence to the script ensures consistency and professionalism in every interaction with clients and customers.

A/B testing for improvements

A/B testing enables continuous improvement and optimization for enhanced performance and results.


Depending on team size

What you can expect with SMA

Experience immediate uplift in business process efficiency upon implementation.


Seconds response time


Lift in lead conversion


Additional jobs per month

60+ days

Reduction in final check pick up

Empowering revenue-generating roles

Committed to quality

We prioritize quality through ongoing training, ensuring our team delivers exceptional service to meet your evolving needs.

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Continual training

Daily & weekly

Follow the script

Every time

Quality assurance

Dedicated department

Right person

Is in the seat